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Pitfalls to avoid when localizing your brand

Article Written by Catherine Cheong, Copywriter at Verztec Consulting In this age of Internet advancement, it is easy to acquire expertise in a broad range of subjects. Whatever information we are looking for is literally available at our fingertips with … Continue reading

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The Similarities between a Successful Website and a Thriving Restaurant

Starting up a website is very much similar to building up a restaurant. In this article we will discuss about several factors that are pivotal when it comes to starting a successful website and a thriving restaurant. Location and Accessibility When … Continue reading

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Staying connected with the visitors to your website

Imagine this, you have done up a great website for your business. Firstly, it is very well-designed and you have also provided great resources for your visitors. All these would have ensured a great user experience, however you left out … Continue reading

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at Verztec Consulting: August – September

Supporting and engaging the local community At Verztec Consulting, we are committed to engagement with the local community. We firmly believe in not just giving donations but more importantly, in active involvement and engagement on a personal level. In this … Continue reading

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Why B2B SMEs should embrace Social Media.

With the prevalence in the usage of social networking, more and more businesses are jumping onto the social media bandwagon by building a presence on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. One might think that building a presence on … Continue reading

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Singapore forms strategic futures network to discuss emerging risks

With an aim to facilitate discussions of emerging issues and risks, and sharing experiences of foresight projects and programmes, the Singapore government recently formed a strategic futures network which involves the deputy secretaries from all government ministries and is chaired … Continue reading

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Considering colors for your multilingual website

Written by Kartika Angkawijaya, Assistant Team Lead, Information Technology at Verztec Consulting Pte Ltd When it comes to preparing for a multilingual website, one of the most important aspects to consider would be color; color is seen as a universal … Continue reading

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Create a Car Decal Contest

In conjunction with the launch of our Facebook Page, We are organizing a Create a Car Decal Contest, first we need a tagline that would be used for our company’s car decal and from now till 10th October 2010 we are … Continue reading

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The importance of effective brand localization

Over the last few decades or so, we have seen how radically connected the world has become as a result of globalization of the world economy which has bought about greater benefits in terms of economics, politics and many other … Continue reading

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YouTube expands it’s global reach with more languages

Google’s YouTube recently expanded its global reach when they further localized their site in four more languages. With this move,YouTube and Google have signified the importance of web localization as they seek to provide a local experience for its increasing … Continue reading

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