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Are you a Hyperpolyglot?

Everyone is capable of speaking at least a single language for the daily conversational functionality. Monoglots do exist but may not be as omnipresent as ever though. The ever-increasing and intense competitions have heightened the needs and maneuvered the society … Continue reading

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Verztec Connexions – May 2012

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10 Proven Brain Benefits of Being Bilingual

By Tim Handorf These days, attaining fluency in two or more languages looks fabulous on college and job applications and presents opportunities in numerous corners of life completely denied to the monolingual. Old or young, however, bilingual individuals enjoy some … Continue reading

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Why do so few Chinese brands go global?

By Joel Backaler, Frontier Strategy Group┬ádated 13 May 2012 Chinese companies are extending their reach around the globe to purchase foreign technology, managerial talent and, increasingly, international brands. Why have Chinese companies not been able to successfully build their own … Continue reading

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