Localization is a multi-level process which requires the coordination of many people across geographical borders.

In order to safeguard success, Verztec uses its project management team, made up of selected experts across borders to globalize your products and services.

By leveraging on technology, Verztec has standardized its superior project management practices to create a virtual platform for cooperation between Verztec team members and clients.

This results in using a system that is detailed and flexible for the expedition of your Localization process.

Verztec’s Localization project management has three key aspects:



Our consultants analyze your product, needs and objectives in depth before deploying the right Verztec personnel which will help achieve your goals in the most effective manner.

Info On-the-Go:

We leverage on the Internet’s accessibility and mobile functions for efficiency. Details and statuses on your Localization project are always available via an access to the Internet. The Verztec Xtranet keeps everyone involved on the project on the same page and frequency.


Verztec team members are on the ball throughout the project management process and respond efficiently for any required changes or assistance.