Verztec Quality Assurance Process

Verztec QA process has been developed to ensure that every project completed meets top notch quality standards, before we submit for our client's review.

A description of Verztec QA process is as follows:



The completed Translation work, done by a native professional Translator will be handed over to Verztec QA team - consisting of CAT specialists and senior linguists. As the native Translator is expected to carry out more than just an accurate Translation; the style, phrasing and vocabulary used in the Translation will be vet thoroughly by Verztec QA team for appropriateness of usage.

To have full access to specialized terminologies such as those in medical, aviation and nanotechnology, Verztec maintains a reference library of more than 900 dictionaries and reference works, covering more than 40 languages.

In addition, we have extensive academic materials covering a wide range of specialist subjects, and also collections of current periodicals in major European and Asian languages. All in-house Translators and revisers have broadband access to a number of international terminology databases.

Review by Source Language Native Speaker

The initial Translation is reviewed by a reviser, who is a native speaker of the source language (e.g. a text being translated from English into Korean would be checked by an English native speaker who is competent in Korean and English). The primary role of the reviser is to ensure that the Translation fully reflects the meaning of the original text, and that there are no omissions. The reviser meticulously checks the entire Translation, sentence by sentence, and all concerns are resolved directly with the Translator.

Second Review by Target Language Native Speaker

After the first review and necessary changes, a second reviewer, who is a native speaker of the target language, will be tasked to do thorough checks in the area of grammar, style of writing, spelling, punctuation and terminology. For projects that are being translated into more than one language, a sentence-by-sentence check is made across all language versions to make sure they are consistent in their handling of the text. Where typesetting or DTP is involved, a further round of proof-reading is required before the artwork is signed off.


Once the Translation is completed, a final check is made by the project manager to ensure that all client instructions have been followed and that the job is ready to be delivered to the client in good order.