Verztec has invested in a full-time team that focuses 100% of their time on vendor management. This team is responsible for recruiting and certifying new vendors, developing long-term vendor relationships and ensuring the most competitive price based on the volumes we can provide as a leader in the industry.

Translators that have been recruited will be categorized according to their areas of expertise and mother tongues for certification process before they are allowed to perform any work for Verztec clients. Translators must also be based in their country of origin as Verztec strictly uses in-country, native linguists for all client projects.

To be eligible for Verztec certified status, translators must pass a set of stringent linguistic tests that will be evaluated by a senior linguistic committee. Translators will then be graded in the areas of grammar, spelling, punctuation, style of writing, accuracy of translation as well as terminology usage and then given a total test score, as well as an aggregate score so that they can be compared relatively with other candidates who have completed the tests in the same exercise. Only translators of the top 20% for each exercise would be selected to perform translation for actual client projects, based on a passing score of 60%.

Once certification is achieved, translators are continuously monitored in their ongoing ability to meet agreed deadlines and in delivering top quality results.

This team also focuses on the Verztec relationship with any freelance resource that we use. Ensuring we provide fair management, great payment reliability and consistent streams of work has helped us to maintain practically 100% linguistic consistency on our client projects.

The team also ensures that Verztec gets the most competitive rates. We use these rates to offer you the best price with the highest quality in the industry.