10 Reasons To Choose Verztec

(1) One-stop Provider

Verztec is a leading ISO 9001:2015 Global Content Consulting Services Company. Besides Translation, we offer a suite of Language related services, such as Transcription, On-site Interpretation, Desktop Publishing, Voice-Overs, Web and Multimedia Localization services to help you reach out and effectively communicate globally.

(2) ISO 9001 Certified

Verztec is one of the few companies in the Translation and Localization industry that are ISO Certified. We are committed in producing top quality results and achieving enhanced customer satisfaction through our Quality Management System. For this, we have acquired key client accounts such as IBM, Procter & Gamble, HSBC, The Nielsen Company, Pfizer, Microsoft , Rolls Royce Motors, BMW, ExxonMobil, TOTAL, Clarion, ESPN, Toshiba and Invensys.

(3) Best Resources

We engage only the best translators in the industry for you! These linguists are based around the world and they have more than 10 years of experience in formal translation work. We only use translators with specific domain knowledge for your projects. For example, we use translators with marketing background for marketing collaterals and Technical translators for Electronics and Engineering documentations.

(4) Stringent Vendor Management System

At recruitment phase, we put our translators through very rigorous tests and we do not just stop there. We are one of the very few companies in this industry that have a full-fledged, internal Linguist demerit points system that constantly evaluates translators based on their quality of work over time. This provides a clear indication of the best linguists for the language pairs we support and to ensure that you only get the best linguistic talents in the industry for your nature of content. This way, you can put your mind to ease and concentrate in your core business without having to worry on the quality of output.

(5) Terminology Consistency

Our in-house technology team has developed proprietary software tools and we utilize them to store Terminologies and Style Preferences of your contents. This includes specific Technical Terminologies as well as Brands. This is to ensure consistency in the output we produce over time for you. So, as we go through more projects together, we grow with you and churn out better quality work!

(6) Long Term Partner

We are serious in this business! We are not a fly-by-night company and we are definitely here to stay for the long haul. Engaging Verztec’s services means you are partnering the best in this industry and tapping on the combined expertise of Specially-selected (*and Tested!) linguists from various parts of the world as well as the professional experience of our internal Project Management and Localization Engineering Teams.

(7) Loyalty To Existing Customers

We never do promotions that “apply only to new customers” because we truly believe current customers deserve at least equal treatment (if not better)!

(8) Confidentiality

We take Intellectual Property Rights seriously! We observe the strictest confidentiality and copyrights of our clients’ data. Without your official written authority, we will not disclose any information pertaining to your projects. All projects are also managed in a secured network environment.

(9) Best Value To Customers

We offer competitive prices and value-add as much as possible to our clients. We view clients as partners and strive to build long-term working relationships with them.

(10) Visibility

We truly believe in Transparency and Integrity. Throughout our engagement, you will be provided complete visibility into the status, issues, and projections of the project you have entrusted us with.