Verztec is a leading ISO 9001:2015 full-service Globalization Company.

To be here for the long haul, Verztec strongly believes that the true measure of our success not only lies in our financial performance, but also the number of enduring mutual successes that we cultivate along the way with our clients and partners.

Founded in 2000, Verztec supports a third of the world's Fortune 500 Corporations in their global communication needs. Our clients include IBM, HP, Microsoft, Citibank, Rolls Royce Motors, P&G, Honeywell, Mcdonald's Corporation, UBS and Unilever.

Through our worldwide offices, we have been working with clients in a range of sizes, mainly supporting Global 1000 Companies, in a number of industry sectors that include Medical, Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences, Petrochemical, Aerospace, Tourism, Banking and Finance, Legal, IT and Electronics.

We are strong believers in innovation, and in staying ahead of technological advancements. This means we continually stay abreast of industry trends, invest in the latest technology available and also develop our own proprietary systems. All this means we are able to improve business performance and efficiency, which in turn creates cost-savings and convenience for you.

Verztec's expertise and long-time experience in adapting products developed in one locale to meet the cultural, social and business requirements for successful distribution and acceptance in other countries saves you time, effort and money. Over the years, we have earned a reputation for providing strategic guidance for global learning initiatives as well as the creation and production of business communications in more than 100 languages. Today, we are working closely with clients from all over the world to meet the needs of the ever-increasing global business environment.

Verztec has also recently been recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in Singapore by the Business Times, Sunday Times, Straits Times as well as Lianhe ZaoBao and has been awarded a number of prestigious awards such as the Influential Brands Award, Business Superbrands as well as the Singapore Prestige Brand Award.


Our Purpose

Bridging the world through seamless communication and helping our partners achieve success.


Our Mission

To help businesses around the world succeed through uniquely addressing their needs and delivering end-to-end, scalable enterprise solutions.

We work closely with customers to create, shape, adapt and publish their global communication messages for different markets, fine-tune their brand positioning and constantly bring out latent values.


Our Vision

To be a world-class global partner renowned for providing quality consulting and comprehensive solutions.


Verztec's Difference

Over the years, Verztec has been through many ups and downs. We have been humbled by many challenges and also celebrated many happy occasions together with our customers, partners and colleagues.

Our continued success is contributed by our customers who believe in the work we do and most importantly - the ladies and gentlemen serving as members of staff in our Verztec family who are professional, responsible and have a high level of integrity, that work hard together every day to deliver the best customer experience and quality deliverable to all our customers.

We call this the 'Verztec's Difference'.


Our Corporate Values

The acronym ‘OCTOPUS’ encapsulates our seven core values. The highly intelligent marine animal is an apt representation of our ability to competently juggle the different requirements for our clients; the good intellect of our team members; and our capability to offer strategically tailored solutions to simplify processes for our customers.


Ownership: We take pride in our work and do our very best for the projects we have been entrusted with, going beyond our areas of responsibilities when the need arises.

Customer Success: We help our customers succeed through our value-added service offerings and support.

Teamwork: We work closely in teams to leverage on the abilities of all team members and deliver a memorable, positive and unique experience for our customers.

Open Communication: We provide clear communication of our service engagement processes to customers and ensure that transparency is provided for all projects.

Proactiveness: We are proactive in anticipating possible problems, offering solutions and seeking clarifications when in doubt.

Urgency: We deliver what we promise in good quality and on schedule. We respond with a sense of urgency when communicating with customers.

Social Responsibility: We are a socially responsible company, doing our part to foster a healthy balance between our professional endeavors and the community around us.