Verztec operates a culture in which our employees are empowered to facilitate customer satisfaction, and where ownership and responsibility are deeply rooted disciplines. We are a quality-focused company.

We have a strong belief in, and value for, the people that work within our company, and as such, operate a policy of promotion and personal development from within the company wherever and whenever possible. We understand and appreciate that the success of our business to date is the result of our people, and this will remain a key differentiator for us long into the future.

Internally, Verztec operates an open policy, with regards to our business plans and objectives that aim to ensure that everyone within the organization is fully aware of our corporate strategy, direction and the individual contributions that they make to achieve business goals.

In Verztec, we believe in working hard, playing hard and staying healthy.


Healthy Life @ Work programme

We run initiatives such as Healthy Life @ Work programme - which comprises of dissemination of healthy eating and posture tips as well as team sports activities to encourage staff to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Team Building Activities

We also participate in team building activities, from tea appreciation sessions to outdoor games to foster great interpersonal relationships with each other in the company - building relationships far more than just being 'colleagues', but good friends eventually. We are like a big family together.


From left: Verztec Family Day at Batam 2022, Mind Café 2023


From left: Christmas 2018, Verztec Family Day at Singapore Zoo 2018, Chinese New Year 2018


From left: Christmas 2017, Escape Room 2017, Verztec Family Day at USS 2017, Chinese New Year 2017


From left: Play Nation 2016, Chinese New Year 2016


From left: Family Day 2015, Christmas 2015


From left: Chinese New Year 2014, Tea Appreciation 2014, Run For Life 2014, Verztec Family Day 2014


From left: Christmas 2010, Chinese New Year 2011, Canon Super Series 2011, Verztec Family Day 2011


From left: Paintball 2009, Settlers Café 2009, Tea Appreciation 2010, Forest Adventure 2010


Verztec is a socially responsible company - we are involved in activities such charity marathons, supporting underprivileged children as well as internal paper recycling efforts throughout the year for the greater good. Please click here for more details.

We are socially responsible to our environment, the communities around us, our people, our suppliers as well as our customers.

We truly believe that if every one of us can contribute in the little ways we can, the result would be much bigger, more positive and more impactful and the world will eventually be a much better place for all of us to live in.