“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.” - Mother Teresa

In today’s global economy, success hinges on strong partnerships among like-minded individuals and corporations. At Verztec, we believe in creating, adding, and enhancing value for both our customers and yours. By complementing our strengths and identifying opportunities for synergy, we can deliver better solutions and achieve greater financial success together.

Verztec Partner Program

Our Partner Program is designed to provide customers with the best services and products available globally. The Verztec Strategic Partner Program empowers our partners to generate significant incremental revenue through selling, implementing, and supporting our extensive portfolio of services.

Who is Right for the Verztec Strategic Referral Partner Program?

We welcome a diverse range of partners, including:

    • Business Consultants
    • IT Consultants
    • Marketing and Brand Consultants
    • Technology Companies
    • Legal and HR Professionals
    • Media Companies
    • PR Consultants and Agencies
    • Trainers and Training Organizations
    • eLearning Consultants and Development Firms
    • Design and Advertising Agencies
    • Solution Providers
    • Website Professionals
    • Content Development Companies
    • Publishing Companies

How the Program Works

The Verztec Strategic Referral Partner Program features a user-friendly portal, a straightforward commission structure, and automated payments, making it easy to earn and track recurring referral revenue.

Simply submit lead information, track lead status, and earn attractive returns on leads that convert to successful partnerships.

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