With increasing expansion of the Blockchain Industry and Start-Ups, it is important for businesses and organizations to provide multilingual content translation for ICOs, White Papers and Websites.

Verztec helps you reach out to alot more potential investors around the world and key stakeholders by providing a high quality and effective way to translate your content into over 100 languages.

The Top 5 ICO Marketing materials that Verztec recommends for content translation are:

  1. Your Website
    Translating your ICO website is a necessity if you want to attract foreign investors. You need to provide information about your project, products/services and your team in the relevant languages of your potential investors.

  2. Your White Paper
    Alongside the website, your white paper is a vital element of your ICO, as it will offer important marketing, financial, and technological information about your project. This is what helps the investor trust in your coin before buying it.

    Not only should the content be thorough, simple, and informative, it needs to be provided in your investors’ native languages. Find out what your target languages are and get your white paper translated by professionals. That way, investors can make a decision by fully understanding your idea and what exactly you are offering.

  3. Your e-Reputation
    ICO marketing in different languages is essential if you want to communicate your project overseas. As you are probably aware, one of the most important moments when launching your ICO is making its announcement. It’s not only about the announcement itself, as a lot more work is required before that.
    • Social Media
    • Slack and Telegram
    • Reddit
    • LinkedIn Groups
    • ICO Calendars

  4. Explainer Videos (Whiteboard or 2D Animation Videos)
    Explainer videos are an excellent form of publicizing content about your ICO – especially when people tend to remember 10% of what they have heard vs. 60% of what they have seen.

    Videos can help you provide a quick and easy explanation of your project and give investors’ confidence in your offering. Videos are generally one of the most preferred forms of content, as most people prefer engaging, watchable and interactive content rather than reading. Catchy videos are also a great technique to reflect the identity of your brand.

    Translating explainer videos is an important marketing step, as they can increase your web traffic and boost your SEO strategy in local markets.

  5. Banners
    Part of your branding efforts, banner marketing helps you reach potential clients - as long as the material is effective and includes a call to action. To maximise their effectiveness, banners should be eye-catching, clear and memorable but most importantly, they need to be read by multilingual audiences if you plan on attracting international investors.