The rapid pace of change in society and the economy demands that organizations continually reassess and adapt relevant skills to meet evolving needs.

As education systems open up to a global audience, agencies face the challenge of providing educational services to a growing clientele. It is imperative that educational materials are available in multiple languages and that curricula are culturally appropriate.

Educational publishers and government education agencies must deliver language-specific content swiftly and cost-effectively, often turning to outsourced partners for assistance in content creation.

Verztec specializes in supporting companies with enduring expertise in online learning, integrated voice-overs, and multimedia engineering capabilities for building online learning systems that are translated and localized into various languages.

Verztec’s capabilities encompass a wide array of online learning programs:

  • Web-based training
  • Computer-based training
  • Classroom-based instructional materials
  • Multimedia applications
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • XML-based reusable learning objects
  • Self-paced certification and assessment programs
  • Multilingual content development

Partner with Verztec to enhance your global education initiatives.

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