VerztecLearning™ offers several high quality off-the-shelf training courses that may be customized to help your organization save time and money.

Plug into VerztecLearning™’s hosted off-the-shelf training library and allow us to customize a cost-effective online learning solution that caters specifically to your organization’s training needs, taking into account your corporate identity, branding as well as nature of business.

Start by making your selections from our library of off-the-shelf training courses. Next, with your preferences and requirements in mind, we will identify areas where modifications are appropriate for your organization.

We may customize the selected online learning courses with your corporate colours, logo, include content which you require to be inserted and construct case scenarios which are tailored for your nature of business.

Save time and money. Stop Re-inventing the wheel.


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VerztecLearning™’s unique SCORM-compliant Learning Management System - Radiance™ allows you to schedule, track, manage and assess employee course participation and performance on a secure, centralized learning platform.


Radiance™ is the leading Learning Management System (LMS) for companies which require a professional but cost-effective solution that supports enterprise-wide e-learning initiatives.

Radiance™ has all the features of a traditional LMS while leveraging a great advantage over other systems; Radiance™ is easy to use for learners and administrators. It has a look and feel that is intuitive, clean, efficient and brandable.

With this fully hosted learning platform, you can deploy e-learning courses you need to your employees located in any parts of the world, in a wide number of localized languages, on their desktops or on the move. This allows learning to take place at their own pace, at their own convenience and in their native languages.

Radiance™ captures and intelligently presents performance data, which include:

  • Dates that users access courses
  • Course Completion Reports
  • Course-in-Progress Statistics
  • Test Results

By deploying Radiance™ globally, companies can provide their learners with convenient access to a full suite of off-the-shelf courses as well as custom developed e-learning courses in various foreign languages.

Radiance™ is also highly customizable to ensure an ideal fit for your company’s size and needs. The interface can be modified to suit your organization’s corporate image and the features are buildable depending on your requirements.

VerztecLearning™ provides full technology support for customization, development and licenses Radiance™ as SaaS (Software as a Service) solution or On-Premise Managed Server Solution.



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VerztecLearning™ offers a series of classroom training courses and workshops that empower your employees and enhance your company’s processes.


Instructor-Led Courses

We deliver high quality instructor-led training that blends personal delivery, excellent concepts and content, as well as learners’ participation for an enriching learning experience.

VerztecLearning™’s instructor-led training courses are catered for a wide range of working professionals, ranging from junior-level executives to senior management staff.

Customization of training courses to meet the specific needs of your organization is also available.


Train-the-Trainer Courses

Our Train-the-Trainer courses aims to equip trainers and leaders in your organization with the skills to deliver training courses of the highest standard.

Learn innovative and engaging techniques that will help you to better facilitate and achieve higher levels of effectiveness in training at your workplace.

VerztecLearning™’s Train-the-Trainer courses are designed to enable learners to develop both a firm theoretical foundation of the related course topics as part of adult learning and the practical skills in conducting training sessions.

Our Train-The-Trainer Courses are structured in a different approach compared to instructor-led training courses in the areas of content delivery, workshop activities, group discussions and role plays. We design and deliver tailored Train-the-Trainer courses for all stages of the learning cycle.


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As companies become increasingly global, the need for employees to be trained in their local languages rises in prominence.

Employees relate better to training and course content that are presented to them in their native languages and tailored to their cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

Localized online learning ensures that:

  • Online training are conducted in a highly comprehensible and precise manner
  • Communication messages are improved between a company’s headquarters and overseas operations

With specialized teams of online learning instructional designers and developers, extensive network of native translators, experienced localization project managers as well as the latest multimedia development tools, VerztecLearning™ provides full-fledged localization services for your online learning courses into a wide range of foreign languages, for your global training needs.


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Blended learning is an effective learning approach that combines the benefits of self-paced online learning with instructor-led training.

With the integration of different modes of delivery, the goal of blended learning is to create the optimal learning experience, by utilizing technology where it is most effective and using the instructor-led approach where it is most appropriate, such as an interactive workshop session focused in role-plays, group discussions and games to reinforce greater appreciation and understanding of the course content.

Employees are important assets, playing a crucial role in driving the company’s success. Thus, it makes good business sense to invest in employee learning and development.

Enhance your company’s learning and development programmes with our Off-The-Shelf (OTS) blended-learning courses.

Using the latest and ready-to-apply concepts, content, and learning technology, designed for today’s busy executives in mind, the VerztecLearning™ Off-The-Shelf (OTS) library provides an array of courses that allow participants to learn during their free time, and coupled with an optional follow-up instructor-led workshop.

These highly effective courses are developed to allow the intended messages to be delivered in an engaging manner, fulfilling the training goals you have set.

Some of our Off-The-Shelf (OTS) blended-learning course titles include:

  • Hiring for Success: Recruiting the Best People
  • Problem-Solving and Decision-Making
  • The Delicate Art of Effective Supervision
  • Resolving Conflicts at the Workplace
  • Conducting Effective Performance Reviews
  • Eliminating Stress and Achieving Greater Work life Balance

Please visit the website of VerztecLearning™ for more information on training courses available.


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