A bullish legal outlook, fostered by increased complexity of regulatory measures, is causing an unprecedented pick up in the activity levels of the legal sector.

With the continued expansion of emerging markets, law firms and corporate legal departments are being challenged with surging demands for document translation.

In addition, with global legal agencies and ministries mandated to provide instruction and counsel for the constituencies they serve, the need for ease and accuracy in the conveying of information is keenly felt.

To meet the needs of multicultural populations, many public service agencies, including healthcare agencies, must also provide services in multiple languages.

Find out how Verztec can assist legal procedures with proven government expertise, integrated localization capabilities and real-time interpretation capabilities, allowing internal staff to remain focused on the core legislative procedures.

Verztec’s capabilities extend to the various types of source documents:


  • Contracts and Agreements

    • Lending contracts
    • Commercial contracts for various industries
    • Distribution contracts
    • License contracts
    • Share Purchase Agreements
    • Confidentiality agreements
    • Financial contracts
    • Insurance contracts
    • Articles of Association
    • Powers of attorney
    • Support services agreement
  • Patents

    • Copyrights
    • Trademark renewal certificates
    • Trademark registration certificates
    • Court actions and decisions
    • Patent examinations
  • Others

    • Audio files for court proceedings
    • Code of conduct employee handbook
    • Ethics and compliance training
    • Education certificates
    • Birth certificates