At Verztec, we understand the importance of effectively communicating high standards across borders for companies with multicultural teams and clients from around the world.

With over a decade of experience in the localization industry, we have built a full-time team dedicated to vendor management and an extensive database of native, in-country linguistic resources in various parts of the world, capable of supporting over 100 languages.

When you entrust your project to us, we assemble a dedicated project team consisting of an experienced account manager, project manager, and relevant IT and design specialists to support all project requirements from start to finish, ensuring the highest quality deliverables.

Our project team adopts our ISO 9001:2015 Certified project management process, which includes all required quality assurance checks and edits. We also carry out regular audits of our team's processes, activities, schedules, and deliverables to ensure consistent, high-quality results for your projects.

Delivering Quality Work with Agility

Delivering work consistently with high quality standards to our customers is important to us.

At Verztec, delivering quality work consistently to our customers is our top priority. For all digital asset projects, such as websites, eLearning courses, apps, software, and videos, we carry out three layers of Localization QA to ensure quality and accuracy:

  • Cosmetic QA – Quality assurance on all visual aspects of the graphical user interface, including content formatting, graphics optimization, text alignment, and overall layout.

  • Functional QA – Quality assurance to ensure that hyperlinks, navigational buttons, downloadable files or links, and all system functions and features are working well.

  • Linguistic QA – Quality assurance to ensure that all localized content is translated properly, with no unicode or typographical errors, no accidental omission of translated content compared to source content, sentence structure, grammar, spell checks, and more.

Some Language Services areas we may assist you include:

  • Specialist translations of manuals and documents with technical jargon
  • Legal translations for Patents, Contracts and Agreements and Compliance Communications
  • Medical translations for clinical reports, studies, laboratory tests or medical software
  • Full localization of your training course content or eLearning courses
  • Translations of your website that eventually requires QA testing by native-speakers
  • Desktop publishing and QA testing of your brochures by native-speakers before printing
  • Subtitles or voice-overs for videos so that they may be distributed to your target countries
  • Develop content for your websites, corporate annual reports, or corporate training courses
  • Conference Simultaneous Interpreters with full conference equipment solutions for your events or Escort Interpreters to help facilitate communication in business meetings
  • Professional consulting services for global expansion

Our suite of Language Services include:

  1. Translation
  2. Machine AI Translation Post-Edit (MTPE)
  3. Transcreation
  4. Multilingual Desktop Publishing
  5. Multilingual Content Development
  6. Onsite and Conference Interpretation
  7. Remote Interpretation
  8. Multilingual Staffing Solutions
  9. Multilingual Voice-overs
  10. Web Localization and Testing
  11. Video Localization and Subtitling
  12. Software Localization and Testing
  13. Multilingual Audio Transcription
  14. Multilingual Brand Management
  15. Internationalization
  16. Globalization Consulting
  17. Terminology and Translation Memory Management
  18. Mobile App Localization and Testing

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