In partnership with Skillsoft, Verztec now offers 180,000+ eLearning courses, videos and e-books in the areas of Leadership Development, IT Skills, Cyber Security, Business Skills, Finance and Accounting, Digital Transformation, Compliance, Environmental Health and Safety at affordable rates. Contact us to know more.


Verztec is a global leader in learning solutions. We specialize in digital learning, serving nearly 80% of our diverse clientele.

Embark on the digital learning revolution with our comprehensive suite of Digital Learning Services. As the educational landscape evolves, we empower you to transform traditional workshop or classroom training into dynamic, engaging online programs, broadening your reach and enhancing accessibility.

We are not just about digitization. We're about reimagining learning for the digital age. Our expert team curates interactive and immersive experiences, ensuring every online course delivers impactful knowledge, fosters critical thinking, and engages learners in meaningful ways.

Moreover, we understand that learning is not one-size-fits-all. This is why we offer bespoke localization services for your training materials and online courses, ensuring your content resonates with diverse audiences globally. We adapt your content to align with cultural, linguistic, and regional nuances, making your courses more relevant, relatable, and effective.

Additionally, our cutting-edge Learning Management System (LMS) streamlines your training process, providing a one-stop platform for content delivery, learner engagement, and performance tracking.

Embrace the future of learning with us. Convert, localize, and manage your digital learning journey with efficiency, effectiveness, and engagement at its core. Step into the future, and make learning without boundaries a reality.

Our suite of Digital Learning services include:

  1. Custom eLearning Development
  2. Translation and Localization of eLearning Courseware
  3. LMS & eLearning Hosting
  4. Custom Off-The-Shelf (OTS) Training Courses
  5. Professional Development Courses
  6. Custom In-Company Training
  7. Custom Learning Management System (LMS)

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