VerztecLearning™ offers several high quality off-the-shelf training courses that may be customized to help your organization save time and money.

Plug into VerztecLearning™’s hosted off-the-shelf training library and allow us to customize a cost-effective online learning solution that caters specifically to your organization’s training needs, taking into account your corporate identity, branding as well as nature of business.

Start by making your selections from our library of off-the-shelf training courses. Next, with your preferences and requirements in mind, we will identify areas where modifications are appropriate for your organization.

We may customize the selected online learning courses with your corporate colours, logo, include content which you require to be inserted and construct case scenarios which are tailored for your nature of business.

Save time and money. Stop Re-inventing the wheel.


Discover the benefits of Custom Off-The-Shelf Training Courses for your organization today. For more information, please email us at