Verztec’s robust creative design capabilities, together with our technological and multilingual expertise, makes us the ideal partner for global businesses looking to further the reach of their brands into foreign markets.

With our localization expertise and experience, we understand the cultural demands and peculiar preferences of a diverse international audience. Every design and conceptualization we embark on is completed with the cultural identity of the target market in mind.

Verztec’s one-stop development and publishing services are supported by our team of in-house multimedia and software specialists, facilitated by our highly-experienced project management and account management teams.

Impeccably managing the different processes involved in projects that may involve creative design, multimedia development and print, we provide great convenience, cost savings and ease of mind to our clients.

Our suite of Global Creative Design services include:

  1. Creative Design
  2. Web Development
  3. Exhibition Design
  4. Web Content Management System
  5. Video Production & Photography
  6. Print and International Distribution
  7. Electronic Direct Mail (EDMs) and Email Marketing

Other than Digital Learning & Language Services, Verztec also assists companies to design, develop and publish their corporate annual reports, whitepapers, newsletters, product catalogs, brochures, sustainability reports and websites in over 100 languages.

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