Verztec is accountable to the communities in which we conduct our business and where our employees live.

Verztec believes that a reputation as a diligent employer, acting responsibly, with integrity, will enhance our credibility as a world-class language service provider.

Business is more than just economics. While sound finances and profitability enable us to survive and flourish, they’re far from being Verztec’s entire story.

We recognize that the success of our business depends on the development, review and implementation of responsible business policies covering the environment, supplier and employment selection. In addition, we consider and manage the impacts of our business on key stakeholder groups including employees, customers, suppliers, partners and the local community.

Our commitment to responsible corporate citizenship is exemplified through our focus on ethical corporate behavior, corporate giving programs, employee community involvement and industry participation.

Verztec pledges its employees will be honest, have integrity and always do the right thing.

Verztec defines corporate social responsibility as positive actions which impact on our customers, our people, our suppliers and the communities around our businesses.

The five main areas of our commitment to corporate responsibility include:


Our People

At Verztec, our people are the foundation of our business and are crucial to our long-term success. We value them highly and focus on developing our already talented staff. All new Verztec employees participate in our induction programme “Living our Winning Ways”, ensuring that they consider themselves empowered to do their jobs successfully.

The development opportunities that Verztec offers ensure that our people have the on-the-job skills and expertise to thrive in their everyday working lives. Verztec ensures that our skilled employees are provided with the appropriate tools, equipment and processes to achieve the greatest possible success in their work.

Good leadership is vital to any business. Verztec understands the importance of good relations between managers and employees and we operate an open door policy in all our offices. Our managers recognize that it is vital to listen to employees and mentor and guide them where needed, helping them improve their skills and fulfil their potential.


Our Customers

Successful and sustained relationships are critical to our business success. Openness, honesty and fairness in dealing with all stakeholders are essential for developing good relationships.

All members of staff are responsible for ensuring that any contact with our customers and the public reflects professionalism, efficiency and honesty. Verztec is committed in providing benchmark customer service and we scrutinize our success in meeting our clients’ expectations in our service delivery using key performance indicators.

We promote and protect our reputation through the integration of responsible business practices on an enterprise-wide basis including the way in which we market and sell our services.

  • We aim to be open and transparent in all our dealings and ensure that our products and services meet our customers’ needs
  • We offer only those services we can deliver and strive to deliver no less than our commitments
  • We endeavor to deliver our services on time and respond promptly to requests for information
  • We meet our contractual obligations and charge honestly for our services
  • We have formal controls in place that review potential new work against the above and our ability (in terms of both skills and resources) to deliver a proposed assignment

Customer Service

At Verztec, our customer service focus is a priority and is reviewed regularly, to reflect changes in the nature and size of our business. Our people demonstrate at all times customer focused behavior; are knowledgeable, exude professionalism and courtesy in meeting the needs of our clients.

We understand the importance of client communications and return all phone calls and e-mails within agreed timescales. We inform our clients as soon as possible in the unlikely event that we are not able to meet deadlines or there are any changes to agreed plans or processes - and agree on a new deadline.

Customer Feedback

Verztec aims to verify our clients’ requirements through regular communications and the delivery of benchmark localization solutions that exceed our client’s quality, cost and delivery expectations.

To further measure how we do business, we have implemented a closed-loop feedback process using the data to continuously improve the way we do business. We have also introduced a customer query resolution and complaints process that acknowledges any client issues. Our Operation Managers review each issue with all internal stakeholders involved and agrees with the client on an action plan to resolve the issue.

With these processes in place, we are committed to providing a high quality and efficient service at all times to our clients.


Our Suppliers

In order to meet our customers’ quality, cost and delivery expectations, we need to obtain the best quality and value at all times from our suppliers and partners. Verztec has in place a structured supplier engagement process designed to evaluate the capabilities of potential Verztec suppliers. Our approach is to work in a close relationship with our suppliers in an environment of mutual trust and respect.

Supplier selection is a key strategic driver of value and quality within our businesses geographically; managing our supplier relationships fairly and ethically is a priority for us. As a global business, we believe in sourcing goods and services from suppliers who themselves operate in an ethical way and we hope that people we work with share our ethics and values.

It is a Verztec policy to ensure that all supplier invoices are settled within 30 days from the date of invoice. Our ability to comply with this policy is dependent upon suppliers submitting detailed and accurate invoices to the correct address in a timely fashion.

Verztec policy is to ensure that suppliers are contacted without delay when invoices are contested and that any complaints from our suppliers regarding non-payment are dealt with efficiently and quickly.

Supplier Satisfaction

Having excellent open and honest working relationships with our suppliers is essential to the continued growth and profitability of Verztec. We solicit feedback on how we work together. We value supplier feedback on our services and the way we communicate. We also recognize the right of our suppliers to make a compliment, complaint or suggestion about our services and processes. We are committed to using supplier feedback to improve our services and focus on the needs of our clients.


Our Community

Verztec is committed to engagement with the local community; Verztec members of staff are encouraged to act responsibly as citizens of their communities and to support projects, organizations and services that work towards the common good:

  • We encourage staff to support their local community, offering practical and/or financial support to approved initiatives
  • We support local causes and encourage employees to become actively involved in fundraising for charities chosen on a local or personal level
  • We support the local economy through our recruitment and procurement practices, where possible
  • We actively support local business and professional forums


Our Environment

Verztec is dedicated to become a leading global language service provider, focused on reducing environmental impact and improving all areas of energy efficiency.

The key points of our strategy to achieve this are:

  • Minimize waste by ensuring our global operations are as efficient as possible
  • Promote recycling internally, amongst our suppliers and our customers
  • Make efficient use of resources and minimize our use of energy, water and supplies
  • Raise awareness among employees and encourage participation
  • Meet or exceed all the environmental legislation that relates to the Company
  • Ensure that business decisions take environmental issues into account

Verztec is undertaking a number of environmental initiatives and will primarily focus on immediate initiatives followed by our long-term strategy. Immediate initiatives (most of which have already been implemented) include:

  • Reduction of paper usage within our offices and our communication with our clients. This includes producing less printed marketing material and focusing on electronic communications with our suppliers and clients
  • Verztec has been recycling paper for the past 3 years and this continues to be a major focus. During the next 6 months, we will extend our focus to cover the recycling other wastes
  • Where office equipment requires replacement, the company will replace using EnergyStar and European EcoLabel products, where possible
  • Verztec actively encourages teleconferences and video conferences rather than travelling to client sites by road, rail or air.