Yellow Ribbon Run, Singapore

Combining a quest for a healthy lifestyle and the desire to show support for ex-offenders re-integrating into society, several Verztec members completed the race despite the rainy weather.

Visit to Snow City, Singapore

A fun-filled Saturday is well spent with the adorable children of LCSS. The cold, the snow and the ice-cream making made it a truly enjoyable event.

*Children faces are purposefully pixelated to protect their identities.

Torturecare, UK

The Verztec team showed their support for victims of torture by pledging a portion of proceeds to the Medical Foundation and attending an awareness event organized by Torturecare.

Canon SuperSeries, Singapore

Verztec took part in this unique bowling competition, co-organized by Canon Singapore and the Singapore Bowling Federation. Funds were raised for BOWLinks, which will go into helping children with special needs.

Eusoff Hall Dance Production Sponsorship, Singapore

Verztec was one of the proud sponsors for the Eusoff Hall dance production, ‘A Matter of Heart’. Proceeds were channeled to the ‘Eusoff Hall Bursary Fund’, easing the financial burden of undergraduates.

Visit to St Vincent's Home, Singapore

The Verztec team brought festive joy to the residents of St. Vincent Home during the Lunar New Year. A delicious buffet lunch, a lucky draw and the conversations shared made it a memorable day.



SASCO Gala Nite, Singapore

Verztec is proud to be one of the sponsors for the SASCO (Singapore Amalgamated Services Co-operative Organization Ltd) Gala Nite 2009. The event successfully raised $480,000, funding the operational costs of homes, and the purchase of exercise equipment for the elderly.

Bangkok Post Mini Marathon, Bangkok

Several Verztec team members sweated it out for a good cause, in the Bangkok Post’s charity run which raised funds to finance the education of underprivileged children.