"It is with great pleasure that I recommend Verztec to future potential clients. The copy text and wordplay is an important part of the brand character of our brand Smile Makers. We work over a large number of geographies and we need to give consumers in each market the copy texts in their local languages with the nuances intact. Verztec has done a fantastic job in transcreating the texts while maintaining the original style of the texts. So far we have worked with a number of different languages and we have always been very pleased with the result.

Working with Verztec has allowed us to improve our service quality towards our local distributors and retailers in individual markets. Many of our customers have been impressed that we can provide them with localized material of such high quality so quickly. At the same time we feel safe knowing that the quality of the translation is consistently of high quality regardless of language. It is a much better solution than leaving the transcreation responsibility to our distributors/retailers in each market.

The service from the Verztec team is always friendly and highly service minded. Each time we work with Verztec we are impressed by the quick turnaround time and the quality of the work. We can happily recommend Verztec to any company with transcreation needs."

Peder Wikstroem
Ramblin Brands Pte. Ltd.

"We are writing to thank Verztec for the work done for CBM Pte Ltd’s subsidiary website and would like to take this opportunity to commend the team for their professionalism in the services rendered.

In particular, we would like to recognize E-Lynn and Fransiskus for their assistance and positive work attitude throughout the project. Their commitment, patience and willingness to accommodate to our request and design specifications are well appreciated.

Thank you once again and we look forward to opportunities to work with Verztec in future.

Winnie Liu
Assistant Vice President
Corporate Communications
CBM Pte Ltd

Zopim’s technical requirements were handled very well by the translation team at Verztec and we are very happy with the way the translation turned out.

We are especially delighted by the way Min Chu and her team were willing to work with our translation portal. Prompt responses and constant updates from Min Chu gave us a peace of mind and allowed us to plan accordingly.

We are already planning for our next project which will probably be even more challenging but we have no doubt that Min Chu will be able to help us with it.

Kudos for a job well done!"

Jeremy Seow
Sales Director
Zopim Technologies Pte Ltd

"The deliverables I requested for are now complete. Thank you for the help, patience and flexibility in completing critical elements of the work on time.

I would also like to commend E-Lynn on her wonderful work attitude, and the great work she has done especially in the quick turnaround time I requested.

I look forward to working with both of you again, and will definitely recommend Verztec to my colleagues given this positive experience."

Bernard Cher
Scientist, Products Research
Procter and Gamble International Operations SA
Singapore Branch

"It was great to have Verztec break down the language barriers for this ASAP conference, especially where English is not the first language in many Asian countries. It encourages real-time participation and active leaning among the non-English speaking delegates.

I am sure with the convergence of technology and language, it would be an exciting opportunity for Asian participants and non-English speakers to develop into a global learning community."

Lim Khia Tat
President, STADA
Advisor, Steering Committee, ASAP 2012 Conference

"We engaged the services of Verztec, which includes Interpreters and Interpretation Support Equipment services, for our recent workshop Sales Development Program in Beijing, China from 27 August 2012 to 14 September 2012. The program was conducted by multiple presenters/facilitators in English mostly and the participants were Chinese speaking.

I have found Verztec to be very professional, adaptable, and quick in response, efficient, thorough and accurate. They were able to convey the messages from both Presenters and Participants in a way that all of us can understand. With the professional interpretation support by Verztec in our Sales Development program, we were able to achieve a higher level of engagement and participation from our attendees.

Training program requires intense interaction between presenters/facilitators and participants. This interaction attains higher effectiveness when communicated through a common language. Simultaneous interpretation bridges the gap between two different languages so that the training program is understood by all parties. The interpreters from Verztec have gone the extra mile to ensure we achieve a fruitful and successful training program.

Having to support us on a long-run program for 3 weeks is not simple; I am therefore very thankful to Verztec and would recommend them to any company that needs any professional support in simultaneous interpretation for training program and/or any events or conferences."

Sophy Malik
Sales Development Program - Class Leader
HP Enterprise Services

"I would like to commend Verztec on a job well done. We are impressed by your professionalism and the service provided for our translation and voice over services completed in June 12.

Despite the short time frame given for this project, you were very resourceful and managed to enrol excellent translation and voice over specialists for this project. Your performance has exceeded our expectations. Well done!

Thank you once again and we look forward to working with Verztec in the future."

Lew Yueh Yeong
Senior Administrative Manager
Housing & Development Board

"I would like to commend Verztec on a job well done for the translation and localization services they have provided our company from January to March 2012.

We appreciate their accurate and timely Japanese-English translation of the various source materials we requested, including user manuals, tutorials and release notes.

We would also like to thank the team from Verztec for their prompt cooperation when there was a need to perform on-site capturing of screenshots.

We are grateful for Verztec’s help in making this project a success and look forward to working with Verztec in the future."

Lim Wee Tat
ISI-Dentsu South East Asia Pte Ltd