About Verztec

Verztec is a leading ISO 9001:2015 Global Content Consulting Services Company. Verztec assists companies around the world to design, develop, localize and publish their global communication messages in over 100 languages across various channels.

To be here for the long haul, Verztec strongly believes that the true measure of our success not only lies in our financial performance, but also the number of endearing mutual successes that we cultivate along the way with our clients and partners.

Through our worldwide offices, Verztec has worked with clients in a range of sizes, mainly supporting Global 1000 companies, in a variety of industries which include Medical, Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences, Petrochemical, Aviation, Banking and Finance, Legal, IT and Electronics.

Some of Verztec key customer accounts include IBM, McDonald’s Corporation, Philips, Intel, Johnson & Johnson, TOTAL, Clarion, ESPN Star Sports, The Nielsen Company, Lucent Technologies, Hella, Invensys and Société Générale.

Verztec expertise & long-time experience in adapting products developed in one locale to meet the cultural, social and business requirements for successful distribution and acceptance in other countries saves you time, effort and money.

Over the years, Verztec has earned a reputation for providing strategic guidance for global learning initiatives as well as the creation and production of business communications in more than 100 foreign languages. Today, Verztec focuses on working with clients all over the world to meet the needs of the ever-increasing global business environment

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Website : www.verztec.com
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