Singapore Airlines to commit US$3M to the preservation of rainforest in Indonesia

One of Asia’s leading airlines, Singapore Airlines (SIA) has made a commitment of US$3 million, in their contribution to preserve the rainforest in Indonesia, supporting the Harapan Rainforest Initiative.

The amount donated by SIA will be used in the running of core operations that would help prevent illegal logging, forest fires and poaching.

To run and facilitate the various operations which include employment of forest patrols, the cost was estimated to be US$2 million annually.

SIA’s contribution towards protecting and restoring of one of the most extensive tracts of lowland rainforest left in Indonesia reflects its strong belief that environmental efforts must focus on making a real and direct difference to the well-being of our planet, and sustain our shared environment for future generations.

One significant factor that Singaporeans and other nearby regions can stand to benefit from this contribution would be the reduction of slash and burn agriculture which is famously known to have caused long periods of haze. With this move, let’s just hope that the PSI index would be greatly reduced as compared to previous years.

[Source: Channel News Asia]

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