Singapore forms strategic futures network to discuss emerging risks

With an aim to facilitate discussions of emerging issues and risks, and sharing experiences of foresight projects and programmes, the Singapore government recently formed a strategic futures network which involves the deputy secretaries from all government ministries and is chaired by the Head of Civil Service.

A support structure such as this would give Singapore government officers the space and opportunities to test their ideas and learn from one another.

Senior Minister and Coordinating Minister for National Security, Professor S Jayakumar said ”having identified potential risks and challenges, the next step was to translate them into resilience frameworks, structures and processes”.

He also added “A number of Inter-Ministry Committees have also been set up to coordinate efforts across several domains, including aviation security, maritime security, land transport security, cyber security, critical infrastructure protection, and securing sensitive material.”

Senior Minister Jayakumar had also acknowledged that he worries from time to time about fatigue and complacency setting in, as there were no easy solutions to this and there was always a price to pay for sustaining vigilance on a continuing basis.

He concluded “In the area of building resilience, one can never do enough. No one would wish for our resilience to be tested, but in the face of an uncertain future and strategic challenges, we have to stand prepared for the worst,”

Source [Channel News Asia]

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