How to Get Your Brands on Video and Social Media

There are several things that all site owners must do to serve their geolingual visitors in order to march orders for global marketing staff:

  • Use more video and other interactive (non-text-based) content. Today, most companies that deliver video assets via their web properties are producing unique creative for each market. That works for one or two international markets. But now think about producing unique video assets in more than 30 languages. Smart creative can be adapted in various ways, using voice-over, dubbing, or subtitling in ways that build the local language right into the design. Do it. Be smart. Produce some local creative; then deliver the best assets in all markets.
  • Add participation features. People in emerging markets often feel ignored by big companies. But participation options can quickly overcome geographic and cultural distance. Engagement is critical for entering new markets, growing market share, and maintaining good customer relationships. Global websites as a class almost all require better engagement through participation. How can you get your audience involved? Or is this not your job? If this is the case, then make it somebody’s job in your organization. The sooner the better.
  • Jump into social with both feet. Social media is no longer new. It’s another form of communication, and one that is here to stay. You need to consider it as just one more tool in your marketing and customer engagement toolbox. Don’t ignore the social network effect any longer. Use it.

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*Sources: How to Get Your Brands on Video and Social Media: 1 April 2012 by Common Sense Advisory, Inc.

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  1. Cygnis Media says:

    The driving factor of social media is the user. Without the users’ viral behaviors, social media platforms would serve no purpose, which is why brands need to maintain an active presence on social platforms such as Pinterest.

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