How to Translate My Website into Multiple Languages

How to Translate My Website into Multiple Languages

Have you ever come across websites that offers you the choice to view them in various languages? For example, your native language may be English, but the website you just visited provides options for its information to be displayed in other languages such as French, Portuguese and many more. Why is this so?

Such websites are known as multilingual websites, where information is displayed in more than one language but the content remains the same. As you can see from the images below, is an example of a multilingual website, with its content available in more than 20 different languages. shown in English (top) and Thai (bottom)

Why do these websites see the need to provide multiple language options for their users? We are now living in an increasingly globalized world. Therefore, businesses wishing to gain that competitive advantage should be equipped with the multilingual capability to communicate with their customers in other languages.

By simply offering this multilingual option, they are able to gain instant access to a global audience and ultimately, a large potential market. So do not limit your business to your native market and language, and let the rest of the world know what you have to offer as well! You’ll be amazed to see the numerous opportunities that will come your way, once you open up to the world.

What can you do to translate your own website into multiple languages? There are a few options you can consider:

  1. Google Translate
    Google offers an auto translate tool that is completely free to use. Copy and paste your content into the box provided, before integrating the translated content into your website. You can easily select the language you wish to translate the text into.
  2. Google iTools
    Similar to how Google Translate works, you can translate an entire website by simply typing in the URL address in the box provided. You can easily select the language you wish to translate the webpage into. This service will automatically translate the written content on your webpage into your intended language. This service will maintain the look and layout of your webpage, so that you can view how the final translated output would look like on your real website.

But as with all automated machine translations, the accuracy and validity of the translations are not always guaranteed. Alternatively, you can seek the help of professionals to provide human translations.

With this option, you can be assured of more professional and refined translations that native speakers can easily understand. While such translation services may be more costly, the returns from being able to reach out to a vast worldwide audience far exceed these costs. The ability to communicate with multiple markets will not only yield financial results, but also in creating greater marketing and awareness of your business.

There are numerous companies that can assist you in building multilingual capabilities for your website. With quality and reliability in mind, Verztec Consulting is one of the global content consulting experts that can provide you with what you need to translate your websites into multiple languages. With more than a decade of experience in the localization industry, Verztec has amassed an extensive global network of highly qualified native translators in more than 100 languages and can translate your content in a way that is in tune with various markets.

Drop us an email at or call +65-6577 4646 for professional localization advice.

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