In today’s post, we will take a break from our usual topics and focus on something that is more personal and heart-warming; yes we’re going to talk about us — the very people that work at Verztec Consulting!

At Verztec Consulting, not only do we take pride in our work and do the very best for our clients; we’re also a joyous bunch. And like they say “a happy worker is a productive worker”.

If you look beyond our corporate exterior, you’ll find that we are really just a bunch of fun-loving folks who enjoy the simple pleasures of life; like hanging out together on Friday nights after a hectic week at work or coming together on weekends for team building activities. Without further ado, we’ll just let the photos do the talking. Below are the photos from some of our social activities this year.


Getting together for a time of tea appreciation


Taking a group photo outside the tea house

Chilling out

chilling out and having some wine


Finishing the yellow ribbon run


getting ready for an exciting obstacle course!


we made it!

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